Welcome to King Umberto 

To us, King Umberto is home and you are more than a customer, you are a friend who has come to visit. We extend our welcome to you as a guest in our home.

In 1976, King Umberto first opened on the corner of Meacham Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike. The owner, Sal ran King Umberto along with a small staff. The pizzeria was small and crowded and had a very basic menu that included the regular and Sicilian pies with your choice of toppings. The restaurant was also very small and crowded, and the kitchen was tight. The menu included dishes that were rich and heavy (but delicious.) It also had a bar that was situated between the pizzeria and restaurant causing more crowding. So, in 1986, plans went in effect to expand and enlarge the over crowded King Umberto and in February 1987 the doors opened to a much larger and more convenient pizzeria and restaurant. The restaurant and bar were located where they are now, comfortably seating customers and providing wonderful atmosphere completing the whole restaurant experience. The pizzeria was relocated right next to the new restaurant. It was larger and seated three times the customers. The pizzas were just as great. In February of 1995 there was a reopening of the pizzeria in the original location on the corner of Meacham Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike. More windows were installed, making everything brighter enhancing the atmosphere. The pizza counter is now larger, accommodating more variety of pizza, including our very popular Grandma pie. The seating has also increased; we can now seat about 80 people comfortably. More refrigerators, coffee machines and work areas have been installed. This has improved service greatly allowing our staff to work more efficiently. Our old pizzeria has now become a small private dining area. Perfect for parties of up to 70 people. We can now cater a special affair to meet your special needs. Speak to one of our staff to arrange for a special affair, just for you. We here at King Umberto have worked hard to bring you quality and service for the past 36 years and we hope to do so for many years to come.